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About Anna Barner

Bellydancer, choreographer, danceteacher, organizer, author and much more...
Bellydancer, choreographer, danceteacher, organizer, author and much more…

Anna Barner has dedicated her life to Oriental Dance. She works full time as a performer and teacher from her base in Denmark.

Anna is a role model on how to make Oriental Dance an art form as well as a business model. She works professionally on both aspects and has created a successful dance career. Her focus is to teach the Scandinavians about Oriental Dance. During the last 25 years, she has taught numerous workshops in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland and performed in countless events, shows and festivals.

Anna’s engagement and rewording teaching is well known and recognised, as well as her extensive knowledge and experience within her field. This has resulted in several publications including two books.

Anna’s passion has also reflected her education. Her bachelor of education thesis was about “Middele Estern Music” and continued with her Master thesis “Belly Dance as Female Body Awareness”; Graduate as Master in Sports and Welfare from University of Copenhagen.

Anna Barner was the first winner of the Raks Sharqi Contest in Berlin in 2004. She is also five time winner of different Scandinavian Belly Dance contest, last in 2016 at Danish Open Belly Dance Fusion. Every summer Anna organizes a large training camp in Denmark for belly dancers. Giving an annual opportunity for Scandinavian women to train, learn, network and socialize. This year 2021 the camp will be held online.

Anna Barners regular onlineclasses are taugth in danish. She is avaliable for booking and also teaches workshops in english if requested.